Saturday 12th October 2024

The Time Traveller’s Pilgrimage
(2 Voices & Lute/Baroque Guitar)

Deborah Catterall (Mezzo), Gareth Glyn Roberts (Tenor) and Richard MacKenzie (Lute/Baroque Guitar) bring us beautiful lute songs and solos from the Medieval and Renaissance periods.

The journey begins in around 850 AD with Kassiani (a Byzantine Abbess composer) moves through to St. Hildegard von Bingen (a visionary born in 1098) and then hops onwards through the medieval and Renaissance periods to Dowland, Pilkington, Kapsberger and others.

The group, as individual performers have sung and played nationally and internationally and have appeared with ensembles such as Oxford Baroque, Ex Cathedra, The York Waits, Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment and many more. Richard joined in 2024 following on from lutenist, Hugh Cherry.

Their programme will include
Music by Kassiani via Hildegard von Bingen
to  Dowland, Pilkington and Kapsberger

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